This year, Delta Chi of ΔΚΕ celebrates its 150th anniversary. Since 1870, it has been a leader at Cornell. During that time, we’ve built a strong brotherhood and enjoyed living in our Grey Stone Castle.

Through the years we have established a strong alumni network who stay connected and continue to support our activities.

We continue to welcome more members. We seek men who are gentlemen, scholars, and jolly good fellows. Our undergraduates and alumni are working together to build an internal culture and programs that are relevant to the current brothers’ interests but also reflect and carry on ΔΚΕ’s traditions and values.

We welcome the continued involvement of our alumni to mentor our new brothers and their elected officers.

5Brothers social distancing at the Deke House

You Can Help

Build connections: If you know of any current Cornell students interested in joining a fraternity or of any transfer or freshmen starting at Cornell this fall, please let us know.

If you have not already supported us in 2020, please pay your class dues. Your dues are used to support the developmental activities of the chapter. Please visit our donation page. We invite you to join the John De Witt Warner Society by paying your dues via automatic payment.

Volunteer: We have many opportunities for alumni involvement and support of the undergrads. If you have an interest in helping the chapter, please email Alumni President Mike Furman at furmanme@gmail.com.Z