Scholarship Program

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The Delta Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon has created a significant, peer-selected scholarship program whose purpose is to reward brothers who have given of themselves to support Delta Kappa Epsilon and advance its objectives.

The scholarship candidates are selected annually by the brotherhood, who identify brothers who have made “significant contributions to Delta Kappa Epsilon” and refer them to the alumni board for review. After review and final interviews, the board then submits the candidates to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs for ratification, and thence to the Office of Financial Aid for a needs review in line with Cornell and federal standards. Our scholarships support the scholarship component, the “self-help” component, and a $600 book award. In this manner, our brothers receive a more generous financial-aid package than would be awarded by the standard Cornell financial aid package.

The William E. Simon Memorial Scholarship

Named in honor of former Treasury Secretary and International Olympic Committee Chairman William Simon, a Lafayette Deke, this scholarship is designed to reward brothers who meet the scholarship criteria of having made “a significant contribution to Delta Kappa Epsilon,” but who do not pass needs testing.

The stipend comes from our Scholarship Endowment supplemented by contributions from the alumni association.

The Robert Trent Jones ’31 Memorial Scholarship

Robert Trent Jones

The Robert Trent Jones Memorial Scholarship was created to reward men who advance the objectives of Delta Kappa Epsilon at personal sacrifice. This alumni-funded scholarship, presented annually, is awarded to those brothers whose efforts have strengthened Delta Kappa Epsilon in the areas of community service, alumni relations, lodge improvements and campus leadership.

The annual payout from the Delta Kappa Epsilon endowment provides a needs-based scholarship or series of awards to our actives who hold leadership positions in the fraternity in order to relieve portions of the recipient’s work requirements, as well as to provide scholarship support.

With over 70 percent of the Cornell student body receiving some form of financial assistance, the Delta Kappa Epsilon scholarship endowment is an innovative program to acknowledge fraternity leadership while helping to keep a Cornell education affordable for our leading actives. For more than a decade, the scholarship endowment has had a positive impact on our chapter.

As fewer than 10 Cornell fraternities have scholarship endowments, we thank our chapter alumni and others who have supported our programs so that we can provide more scholarship support than any other Greek entity on campus. During the 2014–2017 chapter hiatus, the payout from the endowment was reinvested into more shares of the Cornell endowment fund. As a result, the Robert Trent Jones endowment fund has grown to $681,516 as of March 31, 2017. Review Cornell's report.

Because of the more pressing needs to improve and recolonize our house, we are asking alumni, parents, and friends of Delta Kappa Epsilon to direct their tax-deductible donations to the Delta Chi Association rather than adding to the scholarship endowment.

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Past Scholarship Winners

A highlight of past Homecoming Weekends was presenting the ΔΚΕ scholarship awards. Jay Grzyb ’81 and Lin Davidson ’71 presented awards to our deserving undergraduate bothers. We hope that the chapter's drive to succeed carries on for many years to come.