Lodge Information

Gray Stone Castle

2019 House Renovation Plans

We have commissioned a comprehensive study of our house to determine the needs and priorities of physical improvements. Most pressing is a careful restoration of the west porch and the steps down to West Avenue. We will also restore our gutters and downspouts and our exterior lighting system.

2018 House Renovations

We opened up common areas that were closed off during the leasing of our house to a group of graduate students during 2014–2018. We planted a commemorative dogwood tree, replaced water pipes, mounted a plaque honoring military airmen, and installed new washers and dryers.

2014 House Renovations

We replaced the fire escapes, the fire-alarm system, and the walls of many rooms on the second floor. A robust wi-fi system now connects the house to Cornell's broadband system. Floor surfaces on the main level and in bedrooms on the third floor were repaired or replaced.

2013 House Renovations

New stair treads and landings were installed in September, just in time for the Homecoming celebrations. The stairs are now dark navy with gray landings. In addition, replacement spindles were ordered to fix the missing and broken spindles and are now installed—completing the staircase renovation.

The next project to be tackled dealt with landscaping of the backyard. A decade of overgrown trees were cleaned up and replaced by arborvitae shrubs, with the hope of giving our house a cleaner exterior while maintaining some privacy. Upon the completion of this project, our attention was turned to some of the aging furniture in the Borthwick Room. Three new leather sofas were purchased to replace the broken and torn sofas.

2011 House Renovations

We repainted 11 bedrooms, carpeted four of the third-floor rooms, refinished one wood floor, and repaired or replaced multiple light fixtures.The most substantial recent improvement to the Lodge is the third-floor bathroom. Over the summer, a major structural remodeling was undertaken, involving replacing beams and leveling the floor, replacing the counters with Corian, and installing new plumbing in four sinks. Most importantly, the leaking tile floors in the shower and bathroom were replaced with Stonhard, a heavy-duty resinous floor, which should stand the rigorous test of time in a house of 60 men.

Other notable improvements from this past spring and summer include the pantry on the first floor, which features a new refrigerator and a fully functional ice machine, the first-floor and basement bathrooms, both of which have received new vanities and paint, and the coat room, which received new flooring.

2008 Renovation

We replaced our old furnace, which burned oil, with four modern gas-fired boilers that both heat the house and make hot water for our kitchen and bathrooms. By moving the furnace room into the center of the lower level, we added an additional social room, as well as increased the occupancy rating of the lower level rooms. The cost of this work was $210,000, which was funded by alumni donations.

Ithaca Recognizes the ΔΚΕ Lodge As Historic Landmark

As many of our alumni are aware, the Ithaca Common Council unanimously voted in 2003 to designate the Gray Stone Castle, home to our organization, as a historic landmark in the city of Ithaca. An initiative of Ithaca citizens, this designation was in addition to the registration of the lodge on the New York State and National Registers of historic structures, an initiative of our alumni historian, Bill Fogle ’70. The historic designation was supported by hundreds of Dekes, Cornellians, and others from across the nation who recognized the historic merit of our home on the Cornell campus, designed by William Henry Miller, Cornell's first graduate architect.

Jordan Lamb Endowment

Brother Jordan Lamb remembered the Deke House in his will. He established an endowment fund which eventually will be used either to help construct a new Deke House or to add onto the existing house. In the meantime, his fund is invested in Cornell's endowment fund. Sixty-five percent of the endowment payout is reinvested, and the other 35 percent is available to help pay for the maintenance of the current house. As of December 31, 2018, the fund has a market value of $255,916.

Eugene F. Patterson ’39 Endowment

Brother Eugene Patterson ’39 remembered the house with a gift to Cornell in 1998. Cornell invested the funds and paid the earnings to Eugene and his wife for the rest of their lives. In 2008, upon the death of Mrs. Patterson, the remaining funds created an endowment at Cornell, with the income dedicated to the ΔΚΕ housing fund. So, Brother Patterson continues to support life in the Deke house into the future. As of December 31, 2018, the fund has a market value of $64,132.