For over 150 years the brothers of the Delta Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon at Cornell University have a cultivated a brotherhood based on traditions, values, and the lifelong bonds of friendship.

This site celebrates the continued involvement of our cherished network of dedicated alumni, the achievements of our current undergraduate brothers, and the recruitment our future brothers yet to find their way to our historic institution on the hill.

Dekes Gather in Ithaca for Reunion 2022

On Saturday June 11th, the DKE lodge at 13 South Ave hosted its first Delta Chi Association Annual Meeting/ Cornell Reunion celebration since the summer of 2018! Over 25 brothers stopped by to explore their cherished fraternity house, tell their favorite stories over Glenora wine and cheese, and participate in the annual meeting of the Delta Chi Association. The annual meeting agenda covered the latest updates from campus, our plans to improve the house in the months and years to come, and to elect DXA Board Members and Officers for the coming year. To learn more about the newly elected brothers, please see biographies for the elected Board Members here, and Officers here.

These festivities are held on an annual basis, so those brothers planning a return to Ithaca a year from now, please plan to join us in celebration of over 150 years of DKE past and the future of our great brotherhood.

Improvements to the Chapter Lodge Underway (Updated)

The Lodge at 13 South Avenue is undergoing a series of interior and exterior projects to improve the living environment for our members. An important project to repair, replace, and paint external wood surfaces on the north, east and south faces of the house (including the south porch) was completed in October 2021. A similar effort to repair, replace, and repaint external wood on the western face of the house will be taken on during the summer of 2022. This project will also address needed masonry and chimney repairs to the same face of the house.

Inside the house, the addition of a DKE crest mosaic to the Clayton C. Ingersol fireplace, the repair of historical light fixtures in the main stairwell and library, and operational enhancements to the historic grandfather clock have improved the ambiance of the first floor living area.    

Over the next year we hope to finalize plans to update the water pipes that feed the second and third floor bathrooms, replace the grease trap for the kitchen, and begin a multiphase project to modernize the house electrical distribution system.  These projects are dependent both on continued financial contributions to the Delta Chi Association and the DKE Housing Fund at Cornell University, as well as the availability of qualified construction labor in the Tompkins County area. 

A mosaic of the Deke crest was added to the Ingersol fireplace in the foyer of the chapter house.

Alumni Involvement

The Delta Chi chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon has remained an important and historic institution on the Cornell campus for over 150 years because of the dedication of hundreds of DKE brothers that remain engaged long after they complete their university education. DKE alumni attend summer reunions, participate in philanthropical events, provide professional networking and career guidance to recent graduates, and volunteer for house improvement projects. Alumni also contribute financially to the maintenance and upkeep of our historic Grey Stone Mansion through donations to Cornell University’s DKE Group Housing Fund and the alumni managed Delta Chi Association (501c3).

40 Years of DKE Alums, Friends From the Heart Forever.