How to Give Back to the Deke House

In order to preserve the legacy of 150 years of Dekes at Cornell, it is essential that we invest in the brotherhood and the Lodge at 13 South Avenue.  There are multiple ways to do that:

  • Contributions to the Delta Chi Association, a 501c3 organization run by Cornell Dekes on behalf of the Delta Chi Chapter of DKE at Cornell. 
  • Contributions to Cornell, designated to the DKE Group Housing Fund.
  • Include the Delta Chi Association or the DKE Group Housing Fund at Cornell in your estate planning by designating cash or stock contributions to these organizations, or by designating these organizations a beneficiaries for your IRA or 401K.
  • Volunteer your time and energy on behalf of the chapter, be it through participating in one of our events, reaching out to engage your classmates, or joining one of our committees.   

Donations to Cornell and the Delta Chi Association are part of the Building Our Legacy Capital Campaign so all donations will credit to your class giving. A quick one-pager on how to contribute can be accessed here.

Support the Delta Chi Association

Annual dues payments allow the alumni association to maintain bonds of brotherhood and support the active chapter as they continue to build on the legacy of DKE on the Hill.  We gratefully accept contributions to preserve our historic fraternity house and promote intellectual endeavors and undergraduate achievement through student-run educational and philanthropic programs.

Contributions may be made in single installments or reoccurring monthly installments.

  • To pay your association dues or make a one-time online gift to the Delta Chi Association, click here
  • To pay your association dues on an annual schedule or to make a recurring online gift to the Delta Chi Association, click here
  • To make a one-time gift of stock to the Delta Chi Association, have your stockbroker to send the stock to Charles Schwab &Co., DTC Clearing 0164, Code 40, account 8522-7011.  Please send an email to informing us of the donation so we can be sure to credit your contribution correctly.
  • To make a gift by mail, fill out the printable contribution card and enclose a check payable to The Delta Chi Association Inc at P.O. Box 876, Ithaca, NY 14851-0876.

The Delta Chi Association, Inc., has been designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and the contributions you make are fully tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law as charitable contribution. Your contribution may well qualify for matching funds from your employer.

Support DKE Through Cornell

For those brothers interested in contributing to DKE that would like to receive recognition from Cornell for your contribution, you may do that as well by designating the Delta Kappa Epsilon Group Housing Fund #277009, or Robert Trent Jones Memorial Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Scholarship Fund #107527 when making you contribution to Cornell.    

To make an online gift to Cornell via the DKE Group Housing Fund, click here

When making your online gift to Cornell please click the red “Give Now” button.  From there, select “Other” under the list of funds and click “next step.”  Enter “Delta Kappa Epsilon Group Housing Fund #277009” in the space provided for instructions on who to apply the gift to.   

Cornell also accepts gifts via mail.  When returning a mailed University donation card, please be sure to cite the “Delta Kappa Epsilon Group Housing Fund #277009.”  You may also use the printable card found here.

The amount of your gift can be doubled through matching gift programs available through thousands of employers. The process is simple. Check the box on the pledge card and enclose your company’s matching gift form with your donation. Matching gifts enable you and your employer to receive credit for supporting Cornell University.

To give online, visit the Cornell alumni website and use the Cornell online gift form. You can also search to see if your company will match your gift from the Cornell page.

Remember DKE In Your Estate Planning

Remember to include DKE in your estate planning! The Delta Chi Association and the DKE Group Housing Fund through Cornell are both excellent organizations to contribute excess dollars to in your estate planning. This can be through direct cash or stock transfers or designating these entities as beneficiaries for your 401K or IRA.

Delta Chi Association Privacy Policy:

Except for Cornell University, the Delta Chi Association does not trade or exchange donor data with other organizations. We do not send out solicitation emails on behalf of organizations or rent our mailing lists to them. We provide Cornell University with the contact information of donors, unless the donors request that we withhold that information. Please contact if you want special handling of your contact data.