Timeline of ΔΚΕ at Cornell


Jan 10, 1870

ΔΚΕ formally grants Delta Chi a charter

Clinton House

Feb 11, 1870

Inaugural dinner at the Clinton House

Oct 25, 1871

ΔΧ hosts the 25th ΔΚΕ convention in Cascadilla Hall


Eaton LaRue Moses is first member expelled for “dishonorable conduct”

Ozmun Place

Apr 13, 1877

ΔΚΕ leases 111 Ozmun Place as its chapter house

Nov 05, 1883

Undergraduate chapter incorporated in NYS



Undergraduate officer titles changed to Greek letters


ΔΚΕ becomes one of the five fraternities in the Star League

Certificate of Incorporation

Mar 22, 1888

Delta Chi Association incorporated

Oct 01, 1893

Cornell grants ΔΚΕ a land lease on 13 South Ave.

523 Buffalo St.


ΔΚΕ moves temporarily into 523 East Buffalo St., pending completion of construction

Nov 18, 1893


Cornerstone of 13 South Ave dedicated


October 4, 1894

Dekes found the Cornell Widow humor magaine



Deke granted land east of the house for a tennis court

dining room


Meal plan and steward position established

Brown fireplace


Library fireplace rebuilt as memorial to Clifton Beckwith Brown

Teddy Roosevelt

Jun 20, 1899

Teddy Roosevelt plants two Norwegian Spruce trees

Dining room

Dec 15, 1900

Approved Wm H Miller’s plans to expand dining room

stained-glass window

May 1902

Lehman stained glass window installed on third floor

Oct 09, 1902

second charter

Zeta Psi steals the Delta Chi charter. ΔΚΕ later issues a replacement that lists earliest members.

south porch


South and front porches added



Two stained glass windows installed between 1st & 2nd floors

building sophomore wing

Nov 10, 1910

Sophomore wing added

Charles Barrett


Charles Barrett, a quarterback for Cornell, took the football team to the national championship. He was later inducted into College Football Hall of Fame.

Oct 1918

ΔΚΕ suspends so that lodge can be used to house an SATC unit

cigar box

Dec 30, 1920

President of Cuba Menocal hosts ΔΚΕ Convention in Havana

Spring 1935

First issue of Delta Chi Deke

Navy sailors

May 03, 1943

House closes and is leased for Navy program

Feb 10, 1946

House reopens; first post-war initiation

Jul 18, 1963

ΔΚΕ sells the house to Cornell for $1


August 23–28, 1970

Delta Chi hosts ΔΚΕ Convention in Ithaca; Caesar Grasselli elected honorary President of ΔΚΕ

Dick Ramin


Dick Ramin ’51 appointed VP for Public Affairs; served until 1995 (faculty advisor 1956–1959)

Frank Rhodes

Spring 1978

Cornell President Frank Rhodes has dinner at the ΔΚΕ House. First time he has dined at a Greek House.


Spring 1979

Hosted Playboy photographer David Chan while on campus to shoot “Girls of the Ivy League”


Nov 03, 1979

Caesar A. Grasselli Room dedicated

stained-glass window


Stained glass windows restored and dedicated to Harold Chick Labonte


Sep 29, 1987

Spruce trees placed on New York State Famous and Historic Trees Register

Oct 10, 1987

Banquet to celebrate Flo Lansdowne’s service as chef from 1963–1987

Playboy photographer

May 01, 1995

Hosted Playboy photographer David Mecey while on campus to shoot “Girls of the Ivy League”; One of the girls photographed on ΔΚΕ’s red couches makes it into the October ’95 issue

Jack Krieger


Jack Krieger ’49 wins the Henderson Award

Lion trophy


Delta Chi wins the Lion Trophy

Robert Trent Jones

Apr 11, 2000

Robert Trent Jones Scholarship endowment established

Don Weadon


Don Weadon ’67 wins the Henderson Award

Lion trophy


Delta Chi wins the Lion Trophy

Lamb plaque

Apr 26, 2003

Jordan Lamb ’39 plaque dedicated

trees rededication

Jun 12, 2004

Spruce trees rededicated

Rich plaque

Jun 10, 2006

Daniel Rich plaque dedicated

Lion trophy


Delta Chi wins the Lion Trophy


Delta Chi suspended for misconduct



Interior renovations and new fire escapes

First pledge class

Oct. 28, 2017

First recolonization initiation

Bob Platt


Bob Platt ’73 wins the Henderson Award

dedication during Reunion

Jun 01, 2019

Aviator plaque dedicated

Front porch work


Front porch & steps rebuilt

150th anniversary

Feb 11, 2020

150th anniversary celebration at the Cornell Club of NYC. Mayor declares Delta Kappa Epsilon Day in Ithaca.