Recent Chapter History

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Recent Deke Graduates Establishing Themselves Off Campus

Commencement in May 2020 saw a large graduating class of brothers, including the last of our original 11 young men who set out re-colonize Deke at Cornell. They committed to Deke to build a new version of a storied organization, steeped in tradition, despite having not even seen the inside of their future home. Despite the extra attention paid to them by University officials, DKE International, and Delta Chi chapter alumni, these men succeeded in replanting the DKE seed in the well worn paths of prior generations of their brothers. We wish our most recent alums the best as they take on the next challenges in life.

  • Alex Gelfond – Legal Assistant at Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP in NYC. 
  • Jacob Eisner – Post-Baccalaureate student at Columbia University in NYC.
  • Abass Ajiboye – Civil Engineer at Clark Construction in Washington D.C.
  • Cameron Rumsey – Cannabis Cultivator in the NorCal portion of the Emerald Triangle
  • Daniel Adayev – Data Analyst at Feedvisor in NYC.
  • Josue Sanchez – Sales Associate at Google in NYC.
  • Kirill Chernyshov – Software Engineer at Google in SF.
  • Russell Feinman – 1L at Harvard Law School.
  • Matt Fooksman – 1L at Boston College Law School.
  • Nikhil Dhingra – National security consultant at Guidehouse in Washington D.C.
  • Rong Tan – Software Engineer at Microsoft in Seattle.
  • Will Pascocello – Financial Analyst at Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick NJ.
  • John Fang – Baringa Partners in NYC. 

Dekes Return to Campus Amid Pandemic

Following a premature departure from Campus in March of 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the United States and across the world, Deke actives have returned to campus for the Fall 2020 semester. Cornell University has released a Behavioral Compact that outlines a series of health and safety protocols that all students must meet to ensure the successful return to an on campus learning environment. These obligations include maintaining strict guidelines for residences including the Lodge at 13 South Avenue.  A team of undergraduate and alumni leaders including President Jared Hirsch, Pandemic Practices / Health Liaison Officer Ben Nace, and Dr. Jeff “JC” Cullen MD ‘76 developed a residence living plan that will balance the need to meet local, state, and University health and safety rules with the needs of students living, dining, and studying in a multi-habitant living space. The plan includes:

  • Limiting the seating capacity in the dining room to only 12 people.
  • Limiting the seating in other common rooms such as the living room, library, and bar area.
  • Establishing a temperature checking and sign in station as visitors to the house will need to be recorded for contact tracing purposes.
  • Ensuring that all rooms in the house are set up for single occupancy.

2020 Cornell Giving Day

On March 12, 2020, Dekes gave $6,084 in direct gifts and $2,700 in matching gifts, for a total of $8,784. This year’s Giving Day donations will be used to fund our house improvements. Many thanks for your generous contributions.

Dekes Celebrate 150 Year Anniversary in NYC

Many generations of Cornell Deke’s gathered this February in New York City to celebrate 150 years of DKE at Cornell. Lead by Alumni President Bob Platt and DKE International President Doug Lanpher, members of the Delta Chi Association joined to kick off what looks to be a year’s worth of celebrations in recognition of the incredible legacy of DKE at Cornell.

Long Awaited Front Porch Project Completed

At long last, the full scale restoration of the front porch of the Lodge of 13 South Avenue is now complete. Over the past year, workers have disassembled and reassembled the historic front porch, front staircase, gutters, downspouts, handrails, and lighting fixtures to complete the refurbishment of an area of the house that had become unusable due to water and structural damage several years ago. These necessary repairs will enable the house to once again utilize the front entrance to the house and increase the capacity limits that had been reduced given the loss of the official entranceway. This project could not have been completed without the close collaboration between DKE and Cornell project leaders, nor the incredibly generous financial support of Deke alumni hoping to see their beloved Stone Grey Castle last another 125 years on the hill.

DKE Celebrates 125th Anniversary of the Grey Stone Castle

The ΔΚΕ time capsule.

The Lodge at 13 South Avenue reached its 125th anniversary in 2018. This milestone was celebrated in two ways. Brothers gathered Reunion Weekend 2018 to dedicate a time capsule to be opened in 2068. Second, a commemorative Dogwood tree was planted on the front lawn on Homecoming Weekend 2018.

The undergraduates selected many items of current interest that will give brothers 50 years from now the flavor of our current culture. Elaine Engst, University Archivist Emerita, discussed the history of the house and the impact of time capsules as we dedicated the time capsule at the 2018 Reunion.

The Board Members of the Delta Chi Association joined actives to celebrate the planting of the Dogwood tree on Homecoming Weekend below.

We are pleased to present the chapter’s narrative history from 1870 to 1949 by Brother H. William Fogle Jr. ’70:
The Deke House at Cornell: A Concise History of the Delta Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1870-1949